UPS devices application has no alternative where even short power interruptions may be important – in hospitals, datacenters, and the like. It is precisely because of this key functionality that the buyer should not do compromise with quality of their automation. In fact, the main quality indicator for UPS devices is precisely this reliability that makes the difference between well-crafted devices in factories with experience, potential and traditions to some more massive series. Our team advises you not to allow compromises with this choice.

Batteries are more or less economical solution. In this area usually higher-quality ones have a longer life, so choosing a higher-end battery increases its usage and is almost always more cost-effective in the long run. However, all batteries have certain lifespan, which is usually shorter than the life of the device itslef. Therefore, they are subject of periodic prophylactic measurements and diagnostics to assess their status, allowing to be replaced promptly when necessary.

We encourage you to visit our maintenance section and learn why the aggregates (and especially UPSs) should be subject to scheduled periodic inspections and prophylaxis.

Besides the more common and familiar small devices that guarantee the operation of limited consumers, UPS devices can have significant power output. The series we offer reach up to 800 kVA. They are a truly powerful ally when the continuity of electricity is without alternative.

The tables below provide a general overview of the different groups of devices we offer. In our TECHPORTAL you can find much more technical information about the different series and their use.

Selecting a device requires attention and some expertise on some particularities, so the best advice we can give you is to call us for support in choice.


Each and every UPS device having output power over 10kW must work in an air conditioned area. We can assist you with the requirements for the air conditioning project.




Power output
from to
Industrial 30 800 kVA
IT sector (online) 10 20 kVA
Monophase type
Line interactive 600 2,000 VA
Online double conversion 1 60 VA
Токоизправители (RMB) 25 100 A
RCB 50 100 A
RTB 50 1,000 A


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For detailed technical information and catalogues, please, visit our TECHPORTAL.