The Company


We, HIE team, are engineering company, engineered to provide practical solutions in the sphere of electricity. Our core activity is project management solutions, related to delivery of electrical and reserved power equipment. Since Y2017, we realize projects and transform them into real, working solutions all over Bulgaria territory (as well as some projects realized abroad). Some of the toughest projects in the area of delivery of reserved power are our achievement and we are proud to have in our portfolio notorious projects in almost all big ciites in country.

Our headquarters is located in Sofia. We have regional representatives in Plovdiv and Varna. We believe what we deliver is more than a simple product, equipment or a project – we actually deliver responsibly built working soulutions that you will be able to use seamlessly for longterm.

We achieve our target because we stay stick to all of the following rules:

  • Precise project with knowledge of the big picture – with special attention to the integration of the solution proposed
  •      Successful implementation of the project with attention to quality and timing
  •      High quality electrical equipment and collateral materials delivered from proven manufacturers from Italy, Great Britain, Spain and other Europeam countries.
  •      Expert approach: Our projects are carried out only by highly-qualified profis having the necessary experience and knowledge.
  •      Long-term commitment to the project with warranty and post-warranty support.


Hi-end working solutions you may rely on for long.

Who do we do it?

Precise project.

Prime materials and tools.

Flawless execution.

Long-term attention to realized projects, including for warranty and post-warranty period.


Our sales department is made up of engineers – they won’t waste your time in general talk – you may bet on it.

Our engineering team includes experts in the field of electricity, electronics, automation, design etc. They are all professionals – they can listen, understand and act with precision – with due attention and pertinence. They all share the company’s vision – delivering quality working solutions you may rely on.

We also have a modest administrative team, made up of economists who are already able to un/screw nuts.

We are growing fast, so we are always open for bright professional minds. Do you want to join us? You can review current vacancies on the About Us/Careers page, but even at the moment there are no active ads or they do not fully match your profile and expectations, you can always email us . .



Company quality certificate ISO 9001:2008

Quality certificate ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 for design, production, support and distribution of power generators – Green Power Systems SRL

Quality certificate ISO 9001:2008 for design, production, support and distribution of inverter systems, UPS devices, rectifiers and other – Borri Industrial Ltd.

Quality certificate ISO 9001:2008 for design, production, support and distribution of power generators, welding equipment, industrial equimpment etc. – AYERBE Industrial de Motores S.A.

Quality certificate ISO 9001:2008 for design and production for busbar trunking systems on low, mid and high voltage – MEGABARRE EUROPE S.R.L