The engineering study is the most important process in choosing a product, whether the equipment will be used by a large factory or by household. It is based on preliminary measurements, an overview of electrical circuits and electro-technical calculations.

The study can turn your purchased electric generator, UPS or busbar into a helpful assistant, and is strongly recommended in case of absence of full electrical design. Trust us – we’re professionals in the field!


When calculating the required power of the diesel engine, the sea level at which it will work should be taken into account. This is because oxygen is a key factor for combustion, and with increasing height, it reduces atmospheric pressure and hence the access to oxygen. At Musala peak, this ratio is 71% compared to sea level.


One of the core activities of HI Engineering’s engineering team is the effective design and development of emergency power systems, made to serve you. To make sure your power supply is secure, we start each of our projects with consultation and a clear analysis of all the specific requirements assigned by the investor / the owner for partial or complete power reserve. This step helps us to properly calculate the required power output and the architecture of the systems to achieve the optimum power to cost ratio. Our final project takes into account all additional installations depending on the interior or exterior applicability, tailor-made for you.

We know that for every private or business client the financial profitability of such a project is of a key importance, so you may expect a detailed plan for the future economic benefit. The essential phase is the engineering design and prototyping of the entire installation, something we dare to say we are experts after more than 10 years of experience in sustainable solutions. All the adjoining elements – cable routes, mechanical strengthening points, cooling air conditioning, and the flue duct are also calculated. Plan complited by our designer brings major advantage of its readiness to comply with all mandatory requirements applicable according to legal framework, allowing smooth legalizing process of installation in line with fire, construction and other regulations.


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