The equipment rental could be the preferred option when it comes to power output for given period, when you need to add up some power to your system or to reserve some in case planned stops in central electricity delivery.

We have stock ready to go – stable gasoline and diesel machines – with power output ranging 3-440 kW and/or UPS devices on a very competitive prices, depending on the term of rental. We have also available options for collateral equipment, such as Automatic Boards and similar.


If you plan to back the work of electrical engine (e.g. pumps, elevators etc.), you need fist to check if the device is armed with automatic starting module. If the answer is negative, the engine starts with extreme consumption of electricity. In such cases, we recommend the output of the backing generator to be 3X the regular consumption of the engine.


HI Engineering is able solve the challenges of delivering electricity thanks to available generators for rent, whatever you are facing an emergency situation, a planned project, or a temporary increase in demand. With a range of available rental generators from 2 kVA to 800 kVA, we have the power required to do the job and keep the electricity available. With years of experience, we can provide a wide range of specialized rental generators – with luminaires, welding, silenced, portable and other. We can provide temporary energy solutions in various situations:

  • In case of power down
  • As additional power source
  • In case of construction works that require additional energy
  • Special events etc.

In order to provide the most efficient power supply, we provide machinery, built with premium brands of engines known for their long-lasting durability from manufacturers such as Yanmar, Deutz, Honda, Volvo and Cummins.

We believe that such situations should not find you unprepared. Emergency situations require fast and reliable solutions, so our technicians are prepared ot immediately deliver and install the required power for rent as well as track its performance to ensure continuous work.
And if you plan a long period of use for the generator rented, HI Engineering can provide you with an extra fuel tank or some of the accompanying rental items you may need. We understand that each case is different, so our generators can provide you with various types of supply; continuous, stand-by, or automatic start to provide the most versatile electricity supply, thus to be able to meet your needs. Since the temporary power supply from HI Engineering is available 24/7/365, emergency generators can reach you quickly and seamlessly whenever and wherever you need them. Our portable aggregates can be delivered immediately to minimize downtime and maintain your equipment or production.

Please, contact our team to get a quote for a generator for rent.

You can check out the range of available machines here.


Continuous electricity supply

Power output for concert and events

Three-phasic and monophasic solutions

Additional tank volume for more fuel

You have questions, are you unsure of your choice? Or you are ready to order – please, call us!

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