Power Generators


from Green Power and Ayerbe

Generators for electricity output can be used in a really wide range of activities and projects. They are traditional, proven technology – the relatively simple and reliable principle of operation makes them a standard choice.

We, from HI Engineering, offer an extremely wide range of generators covering virtually the whole range: from the smallest portable machines to installations with output power over three megawatts; diesel, Gasoline and gas (for some specific cases); with assembly for a number of applications (sound insulated, specific environment of work and others).

Currently on the market are available wide range of products deferring by features and origin of production. Accordingly, the results of their use – quality and reliability at work, as well as a long period of hassle-free operation – are different.

We only offer aggregates manufactured in the EU that have all the necessary certificates to meet all accepted standards in the industry. More; based on the philosophy of our company, we always strive for complete solutions rather than a simple device delivery – we do (or carefully inspect) the project, we use quality materials and profeciency; we look very seriously at our commitments in the warranty period exploitation.
Last but not least, we provide for all our devices the possibility of long-term maintenance on subscription basis after the warranty period – this is our best proof that everything we put into operation works. And it will work long and reliable.

For more information, do not miss our technical portal, where you’ll find a lot of details on different types of devices.


If you plan to use the aggregate as main source of electrical power, you need to pay attention on a fuel tank volume, its capacity for long continuous work and more specific schedule for servicing and consumables exchange.


Green Power and Ayerbe


Type Power output
  from to  
Diesel generators – Open Gen Set design and Soundproof Gen Set design 6 2,500 kVA
Industrial diesel generators – custom-made 2500 + kVA
Gas Generators 10 430 kVA
Mobile Gasoline Generators 1 20 kVA
Inverter Gasoline Generators 1,000 3,000 W
Welding Generators 150 400 A


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