The technology and overall the concept of the busbars is brilliant – a real progress in the field of electricity. The optimization achieved through modern technologies can have a massive effect both on the resources needed for the electrical construction and in the perspective of its trouble-free operation.

Forget about the wires and the efforts in their digging in the walls, and the construction of large-scale highways. The busbars trunking systems let them out of board, replacing them with modern modular highways to transfer power. The busbar systems offer a wide variety of distribution solutions – in form, capacity, with or without protective coating and other options (for details, please visit our TECHPORTAL to review the range of products and their applications). Their application is practically unlimited – from the largest industrial sites to small buildings.

Indisputable advantage of the busbar systems is the speed, convenience and precision of their installation. Their application can significantly shorten the period of realization of one of the most labor-intensive processes in the electrical part of construction works. Using them will definitely result in the positioning of your project in a higher class. The busbars are reliable, but even if replacement is needed, the modular paths allow easy and precise sectoral intervention and adjustment without the need for intervention on the construction or finishing works.

Yes, the busbars are great – all the leading engineers and designers sustain same opinion – there is no doubt here. But what do investors think about the required financial resources? In fact, here’s good news too – with a well-designed project, busbar trunking systems can cost you less than the cumulative financial resource needed for installation, construction intervention, and finishing in classical cabling. Useless to mention the time factor.

At present, several busbars brands are available in Bulgarian market with comparable technologies in their construction characteristics, but differing in quality of execution, assembly systems and materials used. We are representative of Brazilian megaplant Megabarre, which totally dominates the market in South and North America. For the European market, Megabarre has built a factory in Italy, relying on the traditions of uncompromising quality and expertise of Italian engineers.

Have we been able to provoke your curiosity about this product? Perhaps you have acquired the sense of charm of the inevitable progress that has already taken place in the electricity transport. We are also convinced that we have caused many questions, so call us and we’ll give you our professional advice!

For more details, please visit our TECHPORTAL, where we have published interesting brochures and details about the series offered. Take a look at the Realized projects section too – many sharp-sighted investors have already taken this decision and have the advantage of doing so.


Apart of all other economical advantages, the direct cost of the busbar is lower compared to cable when it comes to electricity transport over 630A.
Our busbars have aluminium coating and their body is produced by either copper or aluminium – both materials having superior conduction qualities.




Trunking capacity
For power distribution from to
Medium powerdistribution 160 400 A
Hight power distribution 400 6,300 A
Lighting 25 45 A


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