The products on our website are designed to achieve quality power output and distribution in the industry, public buildings, server and data centers, construction fields and households. The proposed equipment has been produced by leading European manufacturers with many years of experience. It combines quality workmanship, distinctive beautiful exterior design, long service life with limited maintenance costs, and last but not least a competitive price.

When the quality of the power supply from a public network is low with multiple interruptions, reduced or increased voltage and your devices or equipment suffer and are exposed at risk, it’s time to think about UPS. BORRI UPS’s will solve the problem and deliver you conditioned electricity with precise parameters suitable for your work or home. With its 87-years of experience, the manufacturer offers a wide range of 500 W to 800 KW power output devices, delivering reserved electricity of up to 48 hours’ period. Reliability of the equipment is a priority for the manufacturer, so all components of the aggregates are of a European origin. They are tested and burning-tested before being embedded in the finished product.

In order to steer independent of the power distribution company and to receive your power supply and in case of long-term network failures, you will need an automatic generator. Green Power is the manufacturer that can provide quality machinery designed for your needs, tailor-made according to your consumption, configured according to your installation project and in an optional color external finish. The components incorporated in the Green Power generators come from worldwide manufacturers, such as VOLVO, IVECO, MTU, DEUTZ, KOHLER and STAMFORD, combined with modern external design and energy efficiency.

We deliver and install Megabarre busbars in industrial plants and public buildings. We successfully compete with manufacturers such as Schneider Electric and Legrand for our products excellent look, the unique aluminium body, sleek design and reasonable prices.

For professionals and craftsmen we offer quality gasoline generators of AYERBE Spain and hand tools from BOSCH and UNIOR.

All the products on our site will be delivered to you directly from the manufacturers. Please, review the dedicated pages for each of the products. Your further questions are welcome so do not hesitate for calling us.


 Various rechargeable batteries for industrial purposes



Filters for industrial engines



BOSCH Professional power tools
Manual tools UNIOR



In case you plan to use the unit as the main source of energy, please, pay attention on fuel tank volume, extended continuous use capacity details and specific service after certain hours of operation.