One of the most important features of the UPS system is the ability of its batteries to back, in terms of power and period projected, the ecectricity needed in case of power failure. In case of unapprpriate choice of batteries, you may face situations you are not able to rely on your equipment. For more than 70 years, FIAMM has been using the power of R&D and expertise accumulated to provide the market with high-end solutions in energy storage. Fiamm batteries are synonymous of quality, reliability and durability. They are, among other things, suitable for UPS systems, emergency lighting and grip applications. Batteries are very resistant to self-damping and can be deeply charged in emergency situations. The Fiamm battery can be used in virtually any emergency power system thanks to these properties.

The FIAMM Group is a world leader in the energy storage market with 10 manufacturing plants in six countries and more than 20 technical and commercial branches around the world. FIAMM’s long experience, deep understanding of products and their ability to communicate and understand the requirements of their customers makes them one of the most trusted and reliable manufacturers in their industry. FIAMM industrial batteries guarantee safety and reliability in the telecommunications, energy storage, industrial processes, data transmission and in any application that needs a constant and reliable power flow. FIAMM industrial batteries have critical impact over wide range of areas because they guarantee their complete reliability, thus transporting reliability ot the UPS systems and generators they are installed in.
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Battery charging is a permanent process in which hydrogen is released in envirement. Hydrogen can lead to battery swelling and, in some cases, to explosion. How to avoid this: 1) Installation design and 2) Strict compliance with the operating instructions.

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